Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000

A large portion of the buy and sell taxes goes straight to the liquidity, ensuring a stable price for holders. Having a stable price is very important to us because it will encourage people to play the game daily, knowing their rewards will always have value!

The marketing wallet will ensure that the team has access to top influencers and crypto marketers. If we’re going to put all this effort into making a great game, it makes sense to ensure there are funds set aside so we can tell the world about it.

1% of all buys and sells goes to rewards for players of our game! The game rewards are the heart of our token, and will keep people coming back day after day.

We will do a weekly competition for our investors to win some $SHEEB tokens! Might be a race tournament, time trial, or even a Gold Collector tournament. Be the champion of SheebVerse and rule The Kingdom of Sheeba Inu!